Commercial Real Estate Services

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

The Summit Team’s extensive real estate experience and ability to analyze commercial property value in its respective market conditions allows sell/hold decisions to be made with confidence. All assets managed by Summit’s commercial real estate professionals are continually evaluated to determine whether to sell, hold or acquire commercial properties to attain a growth pattern and to maximize value.

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Property Management

Acting as owners on behalf of their clients’ investments, Summit’s seasoned professionals originate effective, creative strategic programs for each property. Summit Real Estate Services’ Property Management and Leasing Professionals assume responsibility for the execution of these programs.

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Redevelopment is a significant, yet infrequently applied process that utilizes experience in planning and design, detailed financial analysis, and construction management. Summit’s clients receive specialized expertise and service via in-depth analysis of the property’s potential. Through redevelopment, an asset’s value is enhanced by improved profit and better positioning in the market in alliance with the clients’ short and long term objectives.

Summit views commercial property as an investment that continually requires monitoring so as to secure it’s position in the market. In essence, Summit manages to ensure that the value of the asset is improved, thereby maximizing the profit for tenants and the investor.

Consulting Services

Summit Real Estate Services gets its name from offering a full spectrum of services in the real estate arena. The seasoned experts at Summit provide expertise in the areas of brokerage, management and redevelopment to outside investors on a fee basis. Summit strives for long term relationships but understands there are special situations that require expert direction on a one-time basis. The ability to analyze investors’ individual circumstances makes Summit the professional choice for consulting services in any area of commercial real estate by using both expert staff and professional outside sources as needed.

Tenant Representation

The Summit Team’s experience in both the retail and office environments allows them to locate the most appropriate and desirable climate for their clients’ business. Serving southern Indiana, Kentucky and southern Illinois, this aspect of Summit’s services is beneficial to local, regional and national clients. At Summit, as Exclusive Representative, representatives have the ability to research site selection, relocation and expansions throughout the desired market. Summit targets qualified locations through in-depth market and site analysis. It’s relationships with commercial property owners, developers and managers affords Summit an extensive portfolio of alternatives to offer its clients. Summit’s philosophy is to develop it’s business through relationships built on service to its clients by fulfilling both short and long term goals. This knowledge is obtained through communication with clients and years of experience in retail management and development of shopping centers. Once a location has been selected, Summit’s professionals are qualified to negotiate lease and/or purchase terms on the clients’ behalf, saving them months of painstaking time, effort and travel.

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