Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Summit’s extensive commercial real estate experience and its ability to analyze commercial property value in its respective market conditions allows sell/hold decisions to be made with confidence. This constant re-evaluation aids in the determination of when one should dispose of an asset to maximize the return on investment. A broad range of perspectives is critical to the timing and pricing of a disposition. Once it has been determined that the asset should be sold, Summit targets qualified buyers with the assistance of an in-depth marketing plan. After the targeted buyer has been contacted the sale is made and brought to an expeditious closing. The same financial analysis is performed when Summit is reviewing potential acquisitions for its’ clients. The appropriate asset is found and the maximum value is attained through expert negotiation. All properties are selected and reviewed for portfolio appropriateness for each individual investor. All assets managed by Summit’s professionals are continually evaluated to determine whether to sell, hold or acquire commercial properties to attain a growth pattern and to maximize value.